Study the information about adverbs of manner.

Adverbs of manner tells us how something happens.
How did Jake behave? He behaved badly.

Adverbs of manner often have -ly.

The train went slowly.
Other examples of adverbs of manner without -ly:

Better, best, early, high, hard, last, late, monthly, near, wide, worse.

Some adverbs have 2 forms but the meanings are different:


The team played hard. (positive meaning)
The team hardly played at all. (negative meaning)
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Зверни увагу!
Some adjectives end in -ly: friendly, lively, lovely, sickly, silly, motherly, cowardly.

If you need to use these words as adverbs, you should say in a + adjective + way/manner/fashion.

Miss Brown always greets us in a friendly way.
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