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1. Past simple Use of past simple. Sentences.
2. Past forms of the verbs Regular and irregular verbs.
3. List of irregular verbs


Номер Назва Вид Складність Бали Опис
1. Regular verbs. Change the sentences into past simple 2 вид - інтерпретація важке 5Б. Change the given sentences into past simple. Practicing regular verbs, the exceptions.
2. Irregular verbs. Multiple-choice. Complete the table 2 вид - інтерпретація середнє 10Б. Complete the table of irregular verbs from the drop-box with past simple and past participle forms.
3. Past Simple. Irregular Verbs 2 вид - інтерпретація легке 3Б. Multiple-choice questions. Subject: Past verb tenses - Simple Past: Irregular Verbs
4. Regular and irregular verbs. Complete the sentences with the verbs in brackets 2 вид - інтерпретація середнє 5Б. Complete the following sentences with the verbs in brackets. Remember that some of the verbs belong to regular verbs and the others to irregular verbs.
5. Past simple of 'to be'. Gap-filling. Complete the sentences 2 вид - інтерпретація легке 5Б. Gap filling. Complete the sentences use the correct past simple form of the verb "to be"
6. Complete the table. Past simple sentence types 2 вид - інтерпретація важке 10Б. Different sentence types in past simple (affirmative, negative and questions.)
7. Signal words and verbs 2 вид - інтерпретація легке 10Б. Read the sentences. Write out the verb and signal word in the corresponding boxes. An example is given.
8. Answer the questions in full sentences. Use time expressions, read the diary 2 вид - інтерпретація важке 5Б. Have a look at a person’s last week's diary and answer the questions in complete sentences.
9. Gap-filling. Multiple-choice. Complete the sentences 2 вид - інтерпретація важке 5Б. Complete the following sentences with the words provided below, you have to change them into past simple tense. There are more words than needed.
10. Listening. Complete the lines with verbs in past simple 2 вид - інтерпретація важке 5Б. Listen to the song “I Will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor and complete the lines with the past tense of the verbs. To make the exercise more challenging the lines are in a mixed order.
11. Listening. Past simple. Listen to a song and fill in the gaps 2 вид - інтерпретація середнє 8Б. Listen to a song by Adele "Set Fire To The Rain" and fill in the gaps with the past simple words you hear.


Номер Назва Рекомендований час: Складність Бали Опис
1. Check your understanding of past simple 00:25:00 середнє 45Б.