Study the information about phrasal verbs + up. Part 1
1. Go up, come up, walk up to = approach

Catch up with smb/catch smb. up = move faster than somebody in front of you so that you reach them

Keep up with = continue at the same speed or level
You are walking too fast. I can’t keep up with you.

A man came up to me in the street and asked me for money.
2. Set up an organization, a company, a business = start it

Take up a hobby, sport, an activity = start doing it

Fix up a meeting =arrange it
We have fixed up a meeting for next Monday.
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3. Grow up = become an adult

Bring up a child = raise, look after a child

Sally was born In Ireland but grew up in England.
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4. Clean up/clear up/tidy up = make it clean, tidy

Wash up = wash the plated, dishes after a meal
Look at this mess! Who’s going to tidy up?
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5. End up somewhere, end up doing something

give up = stop trying, give something up = stop doing it

make up something/be made up of something

take up space or time = use space or time

turn up/show up = arrive, appear

use something up = use all of it so that nothing is left
Air is made up mainly of nitrogen and oxygen.

We arranged to meet Mike last night, but he didn’t turn up.