To speak about economics, you need the appropriate vocabulary.
Economics - the study of the way in which trade, industry, and money areorganized;
Trade - the buying and selling of large numbers of goods or services,especially between countries;
Consumption - the amount of something that someone uses, eats, or drinks;
Goods and services - the products and services that are bought and sold in an economy;

Microeconomics - the study of the economic problems of businesses and people and the way particular parts of an economy behave;
Aggregate supply - a total number of provided things that people want or need, often over a longperiod of time;

Commodity - a product that you can buy or sell;
Resource allocation - the process of dividing money, skills, etc. between departments of an organization;
Production - when you make or grow something;
Scarcity - when there is not enough of something;
Mainstream - the beliefs or way of living accepted by most people;
Equation - when you show that two amounts are equal using mathematicalsymbols;
Assumption - when someone takes a position of power/responsibility, etc.