To speak about the process of organising work, you need the appropriate vocabulary.
Valuable - characteristic for objects that could be sold for a lot of money;
Schedule - a plan that gives events or activities and the times that they will happen or be done;
Diary - a book containing spaces for all the days and months of the year, in which you write meetings and other things that you must remember;

Up-to-date - modern, and using the most recent technology or knowledge;
Appointment - a time you have arranged to meet someone or go somewhere;
Erase - to completely remove words, music, pictures, etc that are written or stored on a computer or other piece of equipment;
Deadline - a time by which something must be done;
Timetable - a list of dates and times that shows when things will happen;
Plan - an arrangement for what you intend to do or how you intend to do something;

Outline - to describe only the most important ideas or facts about something.

I have an appointment with my boss.

This information is up-to- date.

We often follow our timetable.