To speak about social media, study the appropriate vocabulary.
Download - to copy computer programs, music or other information electronically using the Internet;
Available - if something is available, you can use it or get it;
Reliable - able to be trusted or believed;
Consider - to think carefully about a decision or something you might do;
Surf the net - to look at information on the Internet by moving from one page to another using electronic links (= connections);
Majority - more than half of a group of people or things;
Tune in - to watch or listen to a particular television or radio programme;
Allow - let;
Fresh - new or different from what was there before;
Rank - a position in society or in an organization, for example the army.

The majority of people don’t watch cartoons on TV, they download them from the net.

Do you often surf the net?

Is this new website reliable?

Will you allow children to search for information in the net?