To speak about airports and travelling by plane, you need to know the appropriate vocabulary.
Study the table.
registration for the flight
check in.jpg
You must check-in before the flight.
all the bags and suitcases which travellers carry
If you have more bags than one, you must register the luggage before the plane.
boarding pass
a ticket which is given to the plane crew as the passenger steps onto the plane
Son, give the boarding pass to the flight attendant!
flight attendant
a member of the plane crew who hosts the passengers
air-hostess3 (1).png
Have you ever thought of becoming a flight attendant and flying every day to a new destination and serving the passengers?
a member of the plane crew who flies the plane
My dad is a pilot and I am so proud of him!
a place where people wait for boarding
Which is my gate? I have to look at the timetable.
the inside of the plane
Which seats in the cabin are ours?
discount airline
Let's buy charter tickets and we will save some money!
a part of the airport where planes arrive and depart
Our departure terminal is 8.
flights within the country
To fly from New York to Los Angeles, we should take a domestic flight as the flight is within the USA.
to fasten a seatbelt
to secure two parts of the seatbelt in the plane
Please, fasten your seatbelts as plane is starting to depart.
a part of the airport, similar to road, which is used for a plane to depart and arrive
We are now approaching the runway in order to depart.
control tower
a part of the airport which controls all flights
Only when we receive acceptance from the control tower for a safe departure, we will leave the terminal.
excess luggage
more luggage
than it is allowed
You are only allowed to check-in 20 kg of baggage, the rest will be excess luggage and for that you will be charged extra.
when the plane leaves the ground
Please be ready for the plane is about to take-off.
a rough flight, when the plane shakes because of the wind and the clouds
Passengers, please do not worry, we will have a little turbulence.
window seat
a seat next to the window in the cabin
Can I have a window seat, please? I want to have a view over the clouds!
drinks and snacks on the plane
I think that refreshments are very expensive when buying them on the plane!
more passengers than seats
There was an announcement that our flight is overbooked. We will have to take the next flight, which is in 3 hours.