To speak about accommodation, you need to know the appropriate vocabulary.
There are different types of accommodation where people can stay at.
short time accommodation
I need to reserve a room in a hotel for 2 days.
accommodation providing also recreational facilities, such as swimming pool, spa, etc.
I believe I should stay at the resort in Hawaii to enjoy the sun and the nice weather there.
bed & breakfast
accommodation providing room and breakfast.
We only need to stay somewhere overnight and have a little breakfast- therefore we choose Bed & Breakfast hotel.
a hotel for people who are travelling by car
See, there is a motel! Let's stay there and park directly our car by the room!
outdoor accommodation, usually in tents.
I prefer staying overnight at the campsite and enjoying nature rather than sleeping in a hotel room with no air.
outdoor accommodation, usually made from logs and wood.
It is so nice to rent a lodge for the whole summer, which has all the comfortable facilities and is directly by the nature!
accommodation where rooms and bathrooms usually are shared with others
Hostels are great for students who want to get a cheap and fair accommodation.
a ​type of round ​tent with a ​wooden ​frame, used ​traditionally as a ​home by some Central ​Asian ​people, and now sometimes used for ​camping in ​Western ​countries
Sarah  went to USA and stayed in a yurt last week! It sounds so crazy to sleep while being in the wild!
 ice hotel
accommodation similar to big igloo, built from big ice blocks.
 I would never stay at an ice hotel, because there must be so cold among those ice blocks!
capsule hotel
a small, capsule type hotels, popular in Japan, where people stay when miss train or other kind of public transport.
Why we do not have capsule hotels in Europe! I would definitely use them!
cave hotel
accommodation carved in a cave.
Last summer John went to Greece, there were cave hotels, which are designed in the caves!