To speak about travelling by sea, you need the appropriate vocabulary.
Words to remember:
Seascape - a ​view of the ​sea.
Seashore - the area of land along the edge of the sea.
Voyage - a long journey, especially by ship, or in space.
Sunrise - when the sun appears in the morning and the sky becomes light.
Sunset - when the sun disappears in the evening and the sky becomes dark.
Pier - a long structure that is built from the land out over the sea and sometimes has entertainments, restaurants, etc. on it.
Cruise - a holiday on a ship, sailing from place to place.
Sail off - to start travelling in a boat or a ship.
Deck - one of the floors of a ship, bus, or aircraft.
We sailed off to Malta.
The ship sank on its maiden voyage (= first journey).
I always admire the seashore of Spain.
Famous artists often painted seascapes.