Read the text and decide if the statements below are true or false.
My name is Alice and I am a middle-school student. I think I am a hard-working person and my parents say I am punctual. And I believe so. I always start my day at seven o'clock in the morning. I get dressed, have breakfast with my family and leave home at 7:40. My classes start at eight o'clock and I am never late. We usually have six classes a day, so I finish at about two o'clock and immediately go home. When I get home, I have lunch and then do homework in my room. I am usually free by the time my parents come back from work. And that's great because we spend our evenings together. I help my mum with cooking dinner. So does my dad. I enjoy having dinner together with my parents. We talk, tell stories and laugh a lot. My dad is very good at telling funny stories.
Today is Tuesday but my daily routine is different. We are waiting for my uncle's family. They are coming to spend their holidays with us. So I am not studying today. I am preparing the rooms for uncle Denis, aunt Jenny and my little cousin Mary. She is such a nice girl. They don't often come to see us and I am always happy when they are here. We are going to have a lot of fun. While I am arranging the rooms, mum and dad are busy in the kitchen. Mum is making Mary's favourite cake and dad is cooking meat. Uncle Denis is a big meat-eater, so my dad is doing his best for us to have a good and delicious meal tonight. I am looking forward to it.
1. Alice isn't a lazy girl. 
2. Alice spends about seven hours at school. 
3. Alice's dad is a funny person. 
4. Today is the same day as every other day. 
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