Read the text «Do you cook much?»
Daniel and Hana talk about how much they cook and how often they eat out.

Daniel: So Hana, tell me, do you cook much?
Hana: Yes, I always cook. I often cook with my roommate, and we always make Chinese or Japanese food. How about you?
Daniel: Well, I don’t really cook that often. I’m really busy during the week. So, I always go to the shop and get something there. But, during the weekends, I always cook because I really like making food. That’s what I do.
Hana: So, do you ever eat out?
Daniel: Only occasionally, because I’m really busy during the week, and I prefer cooking, so not really often. I don’t go out really often to eat. Whenever I’m tired, and I don’t have time to cook during the week, I go and eat out with a friend, so! And you?
Hana: Well, I always go and eat out during the weekend with my friends or family.
Write true or false:
1. Hana cooks with her roommate. 
2. Daniel goes to cafes very often.
3. Hana eats out only with her friends.
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