We can make adjectives from nouns or verbs with the suffixes: -ful; -less; -ive; -ing; -ian and others.
Be careful! Sometimes the spelling changes when you add a suffix.

Here are some of the possible suffixes:
-able, -ible
admissible, possible, probable, reasonable
global, final, special
resistant, resultant
perpendicular, popular, regular, similar
interested, limited, related
harmful, useful, successful
-ic, -ical
atomic, basic, mathematic(al), economic(al)
active, illustrative, indicative, sensitive
harmless, helpless, hopeless
introductory, preparatory, satisfactory
porous, serious, various
busy, easy, early, happy, healthy
interesting, depressing, exciting
Suffixes often change the meaning of the word:
This kitten is harmless
This cat is harmful