Study the vocabulary about animals in Australia. Part 2
Platypus - an Australian river mammal with a wide beak whose young are born from eggs;

Ostrich - a very large bird from Africa that cannot fly;

Lyrebird - an Australian bird with long legs. The male has a tail that it can spread out into the shape of a lyre;

Bowerbird - a bird that lives in a pleasant place under the branches of a tree in a wood or garden;

Kookaburra - a large Australian bird that lives in trees and makes a strange sound like a person laughing;

Cockatoo - an Australian bird with a decorative crest (= growth of feathers) on its head and a powerful beak;

Possum - a small marsupial found in Australia and New Zealand that lives in trees and has thick fur and a long nose and tail;

Honeyeater - an Australian bird whose beak and tongue are specially shaped for taking honey from flowers;

Numbat - pouched anteater;

Swan - a large, usually white bird with a long neck that lives on rivers and lakes.

The ostrich is the fastest animal on two legs.

I have never seen bowerbirds. I think they are amazing.

Swan is considered to be a wonderful bird.