To speak about professions, you need the appropriate vocabulary. Part 4
Secretary - a person who works in an office, typing letters, answering the telephone, and arranging meetings, etc;

Shepherd - a person who looks after sheep;

Shop assistant - a person who serves customers in a shop

Singer - a person who sings;

Stationer - a person or that sells stationery (pencils, pens, paper, etc.)

Surgeon - a doctor who does medical operations;

Teacher - a person who teaches in a school, college, etc;

Tiler - a person who fixes tiles to a surface;

Tobacconist - a person who sells tobacco, cigarettes, etc.;

Vet/veterinary surgeon/veterinarian - a person who gives medical care to animals that are ill or hurt;

Vocalist - the person who sings in a group of people who play popular music;

Waiter - a man who works in a restaurant, bringing food to customers;

Waitress - a woman who works in a restaurant, bringing food to customers;

Zoologist - someone who studies zoology.


There are many shop assistants in this shop.

Sally Wilson is your new teacher.

Where is the waiter? We are waiting for him.