To speak about shops, you need the appropriate vocabulary. Part 4
Concession — a reduction in the price of a ticket for a particular group of people such as students, people without a job, or old people;

Minimarket — a store that sells food and sometimes other goods, but is not as big as a supermarket;

Shoe shop — a shop where you can buy boots, sandals, trainers and other types of shoes;
Greengrocer’s — a shop where you can buy fruit and vegetables;

Optician’s — a shop where you can have your eyes tested and have your glasses made;

Gun shop — a shop where you can buy pistols and other types of guns;

Megastore — a very large shop;

Hairdresser’s — the place where you go to have your hair washed, cut, coloured, etc;

Barbershop — a shop where a barber works;

Perfume shop — a shop where you can buy liquids with a pleasant smell that women or men put on their skin;

Post office — a place where you can buy stamps and send letters and parcels;

Fishmonger’s — a shop that sells fish;

Market — a place where people go to buy or sell things, often outside;

Garden centre — A shop that sells flowers, seeds and various tools for gardening;

Beauty salon — a place where your hair, face, and body can be given special treatments to improve their appearance;

I'll stop at the fishmonger's on my way home from work.

Mary Sally is the name of the most famous beauty salon.

I buy products in the market.