PART 2. Notes
Note 1. Word order with „definitely / сertainly / probably”.
+ I will definitely go to Spain.
- I definitely won’t go to Portugal. 

Note 2. Negative predictions with “think”.
don’t think it will rain.
NOT: I think it won’t rain.
Note 3. If there are more that one action in future we use "will" once.
will read and listen to music.
NOT: will read and will listen to music.
Note 4. Sentences with “when, as soon as, before, after, until, if (1st Conditional)”.
They will call us as soon as they have any news.
NOT: They will call us as soon as they will have any news.
Note 5. Future forms of “can/may/must”.
(I) can + V
(I) will be able to + V
(I) may + V(I) will be allowed to + V
(I) must + V  (I) will have to + V
I can do this task today. - I will be able to do this task tomorrow.