TIME EXPRESSIONS used with Future (not only with Future Simple):
He will be back tomorrow.
tonightI will stay with you tonight so you can rest.
the day after tomorrowShe will go there the day after tomorrow.
next …
next week
next month
next year
next time
Next week it will be too late.
He will go to London next month.
They will finish their studies next year.
We'll do better next time, I'm sure.
in …
in a week
in two months
in four years
It will be ready in a week.
She'll be a lawyer in two months.
There'll be another election in four years.
50 years from now =
in 50 years
50 years from now the world will be different.
In 50 years the world will be different.
soonI will soon return to Paris.
laterHe will do it later.
in future
in the future
in the near future
I'll be more careful in future.
Who knows what will happen in the future?
We will move to the country in the near future.
in 2050 =
in the year 2050
Nobody knows how life will be different in 2050.
Nobody knows how life will be different in the year 2050.