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(Читай, слухай та вивчай нові слова!)
Зверни увагу!
Repeat the fish from the theme "Animals and Pets (4-6 class)".
  • Some characteristics of fish
Fish live in the water and are vertebrate animals, which means that they have a backbone (spine), for fish it is named as a fishbone. There are over 30,000 different kinds of fish, all of which have their own colours and sizes. There are a few things that all fish have in common, though.
Fish have gills that help them to breathe in the water, and they are covered in scales. These scales will usually get a layer of slime on them which helps the fish quickly glide through the water. Fish have fins on their body and lay eggs.
fishbone pix.jpg
fishbone — ['fɪʃbəʊn] — риб'ячі кістки
gill — [ɡɪl] — зябра
scales pix.jpg
scales — [skeɪlz] — луска
fin — [fɪn] — плавник
  • Where do the fish live?
Fish can be found almost anywhere there are bodies of water. They can live high up in mountain streams all the way down to some of the deepest parts of the ocean. About half of the species of fish live in the ocean, while the other half live in freshwater environments, like lakes, rivers, and streams.
  • What do fish like to eat?
The diet of a fish depends on what type of fish it is. Some fish are herbivores, who only eat plants, while others are carnivores, who only eat meat. A lot of fish that live in coral reefs are eat plants and algae because it is in their habitat. Fish that are carnivores will eat other fish, shrimp, krill, crabs, or even squids and octopus.
herbivore — [ˈhɜː.bɪ.vɔːr] — травоїдний
carnivore — [ˈkɑː.nɪ.vɔːr] — хижак
  • How do fish protect themselves?
The way fish protect themselves again depend on where they live as well as what kind of fish they are. For a lot of fish, the best way to stay protected is to travel in a school.
Now, we aren’t talking about driving around in a building where students take classes. Schools of fish are when large numbers of a certain group travel together. Another way that many fish protect themselves from predators is to camouflage, or blend in, with their environment. Fish will adapt their colours to match the sand, or even have fins and scales that look like plants you could see in the coral reef.
school-of-fish pix.jpg
school of fish — [ˌskuːl əvˈfɪʃ] — косяк риби
camouflage — [ˈkæm.ə.flɑːʒ] — маскування