Read the information, listen and learn words and expressions about the symbols of New Zealand.
(Читай, слухай і дізнавайся про символи Нової Зеландії!)
  • National bird
The term Kiwis has been used as a nickname for New Zealanders since at least World War I, and the bird's use as a symbol for the country dates from the same era.
kiwi — [ˈkiː.wiː] — ківі
  • National plant
A species of medium-sized tree fern, endemic to New Zealand. Often referred to by its Māori name, ponga, the silver fern has been used to represent New Zealand since the 1880s.
silver fern — [ˈsɪl.vər ˌfɜːn] — срібляста папороть
  • The Beehive
The distinctly shaped executive wing of New Zealand Parliament Buildings, built in the 1970s.
beehive uzd.jpg
The Beehive — [ˈbiː.haɪv] — бджолиний вулик (вулик)
  • Bungee jumping
Popularised by A.J. Hackett in the South Island, it has become a popular extreme sport worldwide. Bungee jumping is the sport of jumping off a very high bridge or similar structure, with a long elastic rope tied to your legs, so that the rope pulls you back before you hit the ground.
bungee jumping pix.jpg
bungee jumping — [ˈbʌn.dʒi ˌdʒʌm.pɪŋ] — банджі-джампінг, стрибки з тарзанки
  • The Haka
A traditional Māori war dance, now widely used by sports teams as a challenge and by schools as a tribute or honour.
haka_ uzd.jpg
haka — [ˈhɑːkə] — хака
  • Kiwi fruit
This fruit was branded kiwifruit when growers in New Zealand established successful cultivars suitable for export. It remains a major export for the country.
kiwi fruit pix_uzd.jpg
kiwi (fruit) — [ˈki·wi (ˌfrut)] — фрукт ківі